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The authorisation of retail sales of contact lenses in Turkey has been given to optical stores within the framework of the law numbered 5193 entered on 26.06.2004. Founded in 2002 in Istanbul, our company carries out the sales and service of contact lenses and continues to maintain its corporate identity, providing quality service between the optical sector and international companies. We did good things in the past. Now we are working to do better.

Frequently Asked Questions

All training programmes and related certificates given by the manufacturers in the field of Contact Lens, Lens Care products All Documents and Licenses obtained from the Medical Device Institution in order to sell and promote these products by the Ministry of Health are available in all branches of our company.
All return and warranty conditions given by the manufacturer companies are applied.
We have an expert staff structure in the business. We are the only company in Turkey that sells only contact lenses with all international brands.
The importance we attach to eye health and our focus is only contact lenses. We bring together many world brand manufacturer products with our business partners in the optical sector, which we serve with the principle of wide stock and fast delivery.
We are the only company that is the supplier of Turkey's largest international manufacturers (Johnson & Johnson, Alcon, Bausch+Lomb, Cooper Vision).
Product information thanks to the principle of fast delivery and our wide range of stocks To procure products from a single point of supply at favourable costs.
Within 30 working days from the date of invoice issuance, a return invoice can be issued after ÜTS control is made in unopened boxes.
We realise the same day shipment of our products available in our stocks. When you contact customer service 444 7 454 for your special production lenses, you will be informed about the delivery date.
1. You can easily follow up your online order.
2. You can view the stock query of all products online.
3. You can view your current account information and make your payment online through the system.
4. You can easily view the information and production parameters of the products on the system.
5. You can have faster information about the campaign and advantageous products suitable for you.
It is the company with the oldest distribution network of contact lenses, lens solutions and accessories in Turkey since 2002.